12 Years 

AFPAK was established 12 years ago, offer professional one-stop solutions

5000 ㎡

We have a total of 5,000 square meters of factory space in three locations.

10 Certificates

AFPAK has more than 10 certificates from ISO, SGS, and CE Institutions

50 Countries

AFPAK's Filling packaging machines are running in over 50 countries now

Filling Sealing machines for various cups and filling materials
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Forming, filling, and sealing for all kinds of bags and foods
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Customize Packaging Machines for boxes
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Tins and Cans
Complete Solutions for Tins/Cans Filling Sealing machines
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Bottles and Jars
One stop solutions for bottles and jars filling capping solutions
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Adhensive labeling machine
All sizes of adhensive labeling machine
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Accelerate product production, reduce costs, and optimize your production flow

We are a leading manufacturer of filling and sealing packaging machines in China. In the past twelve years, we have carefully learned from our customers' feedback, continuously improved our equipment manufacturing process, and optimized our equipment structure. Our advanced standardized production line allows us to produce higher quality equipment in the shortest possible time. We can help you get your products to market faster and bring a better product experience to your customers.

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Core Value
Customer first, all for the customer
The success of our customers is our success!
Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our work
Strive to meet the different needs of different customers
  Precision Manufacturing
  Rigorous testing
  On-time delivery
  State-of-the-art technology
  Professional Response
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Are You Manufacturer Or Trader

AFPAK is a professional manufacturer with more than 12 years of manufacturing experience. we are focusing on build the highest quality filling packaging machines.

What is Filling Packaging Machine

The filling packing machine is a fully automated production machine that is customized to the container and filling content you provide

Filling packing machine contains.
1. Filling: is the process of filling your liquid, paste, powder, granule, etc. into the designated container
2. Sealing: to seal the container to prevent overflow, suitable for all kinds of containers that need aluminum foil or plastic film sealing
3. capping: the process of capping bottles or cans
4. Cartoning: the process of putting cups and bottles into cartons in an orderly or disorderly manner
5. Boxing: the process of packing boxes into boxes
And some other functions

Filling and packaging machine is usually fast and efficient, can produce high quality products, greatly reduce the need for labor, can help you quickly expand the market

How do I get a quick quote that fits my needs?

Usually, this type of equipment is customized to your needs. In order to give you a complete quote, you can tell our sales engineers.
1. the size of the packaging container, the size, and the picture
2. filling material content and filling volume
3. special functional requirements? Or do it according to the regular function?
4. the brand requirements of accessories?
5. other requirements

The more comprehensive information you provide, the more suitable quotation we will provide for you.

Can I visit your factory

We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory, you can
1. Before you place an order: Knowing the production process of our company will help you better understand your equipment
2. Before shipping: You or your engineers are welcome to visit our factory to learn more about the use and maintenance of our equipment so that you can use your equipment faster.

What are the types of containers

Packaging containers are divided into many kinds, including cups, bottles, capsule cups, cans, bags, etc.
1. Cups: generally used for cup-shaped beverage packaging, widely used in various types of juice, sauces, water, popcorn, cookies, and other products
2. Bottles: generally used for juice drinks, water, beer, sauces and other products
3. Can: mostly seen in juice such as cola, small volume beer, now also used in more products
4. Bag: the most widely used product, can be used in the packaging of various products
5. Capsule cups: belong to the packaging of small doses, such as coffee capsules, mask capsules, and other products

What is the general production process of the machine?

Our general operating procedure.
1. Receive your order
2. The design department designs each station of the machine according to the characteristics of the cups and filling materials you provide
3. Welding, polishing, grinding, parts production
4. Assembling
5. commissioning by the assembly director
6. testing and commissioning by the after-sales department
7. Commissioning and acceptance by the technical department
8. Acceptance by the sales department to take acceptance video and photos to you
9. On-site testing and acceptance by you or your engineers or a third party on your behalf
10. Sea or air transportation to your port or airport
11. You arrange the goods to your factory
News / Events
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2018-9, by Jhon
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2018-9, by Jhon
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2018-9, by Jhon
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2018-9, by Jhon
  • Thank you for building such a high quality K cup filling machine for me, I really like it, it can work for 10 hours continuously without stopping and I only need one employee, very impressed. I will be back soon!
    Jane Doe
    Rose Rock Coffee
  • Very good machine! I have bought other equipment before, but after various considerations, I decided to work with you and I don't regret this decision!
    Javier Drinks Solutions Ltd.