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Oral liquid filling sealing machine

Oral liquid filling sealing machine

Product Abstract:

AFPAK designs and manufactures oral liquid filling sealing machine for a wide range of applications, allowing one peoson to control the machine for forming, filling and sealing. The price is reasonable and the design is compact, which can meet the production needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Product Description


Make Factory Smarter


Oral liquid filling sealing machine

1. PLC control, stepless frequency control

2. Unwinding, plastic molding, filling, batch numbering, indentation, tail cutting, slitting, etc. 7 stations are automatically completed by the program

3. Man-machine interface operation is simple and clear

4. The filling head does not leak, does not foam, does not overflow

5. The relevant parts in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel and conform to GMP standards.

6. Main pneumatic components, electrical appliances with imported accessories

7. Electronic peristaltic pump self-controlled filling system and mechanical filling two systems are optional, accurate measurement and small error

Model GGS-118P5
Mold depth 12 mm
Speed 0-25 times/minute
Package Material PVC/PE PET/PE(0.2-0.4)*240 mm
Filling Volume 1-50ml
Power 7Kw
Voltage 220-380V/50Hz
Machine weight 900 KGS
Dimensions 2300*850*1400 mm

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