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Dolce Gusto filling machine

Dolce Gusto filling machine

Product Abstract:

Dolce Gusto filling machine is a custom-build coffee capsule fill sealing machine, Full automatic, functions: auto sort empty Dolce Gusto, high accuracy auger filling coffee, sealing the top filter, no capsules machine stop, no lids machine stop, pack one per each bag, etc, welcome to contact us!

Product Description

AFPAK Co. offer one stop packing solutions for the Dolce Gusto filling machine:

1. Filling sealing machine

2. Bagging machine

3. Empty Dolce Gusto coffee capsules

4. Filter rolls

5. Out packing bags roll

6. Nitrogen generator

7. others....

Welcome to contact us to get this all informations.

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Dolce Gusto filling machine

Breif Introduce of Dolce Gusto filling machine:

AF-H model is full automatic Dolce Gusto filling and sealing machine 25 CPM-120 CPM with filter inserting option.

This machine very easy and convenient to operation, small foot print perfect for space limited production area. Heavy duty constructed, stainless steel surface, extremely reliable.

Servo drive auger filler suitable for various of powder products: coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.

Standard Functions of Dolce Gusto filling machine:

☆Automatic drop empty Dolce Gusto
☆Automatic detect whether Dolce Gusto wellloated onthe machine by sensor.
☆Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating, weight around 10g ( can be adjust)
☆Auto suck Foil Lids ( Or roll film, cutting and sealing)
☆Auto detect whether the foil lids is ready by Sensor
☆Auto Seal twice

Dolce gusto packing machine

dolce gusto package machine

AFPAK Dolce Gusto filling machine features:

Servo motor drive in line machine.(option function)
Automatic vacuum transfer feeding system with permanent Nitrogen level.
Stainless steel 
AISI 304 constructioninclude frame and electrical box.
All electronics parts: PLC, Touch screen, Servo motor, Temperature—
“OMRON” Japan.
All electrical parts and components: “Schneider” France.
Servo motor Auger filler with PLC control.
Robots station for ready cup positioning.
Roll stock cut/seal or precut aluminum foil sealing.
US and Canada safety standard.

Optional Functions of Dolce Gusto filling and sealing machine:

1. Nitrogen flushing: to extend the shelf life
2. Glass cover: anti-rust
3. Conveyor: help final products output
4. Inkjet printing: print date clearly
(Also can add other functions.)

Applications of Dolce Gusto filling and sealing machine:


AnFPak automatic Dolce Gusto filling machine has wide applications:
1. filling materials: Powder: Coffee, juice powder, etc.
2. Packing Container: k cup, Nespressp, Lavazza Seires capsules, plastic capsules, small cups,etc.

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