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cold brew coffee filling capping packaging machine

cold brew coffee filling capping packaging machine

Product Abstract:

cold brew filling capping packging machine is specially designed for liquid like cold brew coffee, juice, beverages, beer, cola, sauce, etc filling and capping. It is a full automatic machine, save cost and labor

Product Description

This machine can pack bellowing products:


cold brew filling capping packging machine is a complete, economical solution to meet your filling production line requirements.

It can fill liquid like cold brew coffee, juice, beverages, beer, cola, sauces, etc.

The special designed filling stations to keep high accuracy and stable filling.

The sealing of cans are beautiful and tight.


This liquid tins cans filling seaming machine line include:

1. Auto sort empty bottles and feeding to the line

2. Auto filling (many speeds to choose)

3. Auto sort caps and capping to the bottles

4. Auto label the bottles (round/two labels/one label to choose)

5. Auto put 6/12 bottles in one box (Or make other sizes of box)

6. Auto Palletize with robot hands



Auto filling module


4/6/8/12 filling nozzles

Keep high filling accuray and stable filling

Can fill many different materials with one machine

Food grade material.

Easy to clean and use

Servo motor driven filling, Volumetric type filling.




Auto caps sorting and capping device


100% no harm to caps sturcture

Sensors to detect, no bottle no caps, if no bottles for a long time, machine will stop

If twisted is overload, then machine will stop and alarm

Stable and reliable working



Box open and tape sealing module:


Compact design

Pneumatic control box open, simple and reliable

Maintain-free design

Different sizes boxes easy changeovers.



Auto Labeling Machine


Touchscreen to control

Auto detect the lable size, if abnormal, the machine will alarm

Round bottles/square bottles fast changeovers

Can set production outpout quantity, auto stop when finish.

Can equip the ribbon date printer



Auto Robot Palletizer


Five servo system to control

Small footprint layout

Suit for the pallents sizes under 1.2m*1.2m size

Can load 15 layers and 25 boxes per layer at max

Can stop at anytime and restart without any problems

Simple structure, easy maintain


Optional functions:

1. Nitrogen flushing

2. Inline weight check

3. Inkjet printer


The Feature of cold brew coffee filling capping packaging machine:

1. Stainless steel structure; Guarantee food grade producing area.

2. Fast, stable and high accuracy filling 

3. Save labor, One line only need two people to handle

4. Reasonable cap feeding manner: Caps will be put under seaming head in advance then cans lift up and cap will be taken together to the seaming head-100% precise positioning can be assured.


The Parameters:

Production speed: 20-50 bottles /min 

Filling range: 300~800ml

Filling speed: 20-50 bottles/min

Filling Accuracy: 300~800gml <=±1.5ml

Sealing head: 1 head


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