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Coffee capsule packing machine

Coffee capsule packing machine

Product Abstract:

1. fully automatic, PLC control 2. multi functions: filling, sealing, nitrogen flushing, etc. 3. Compatible for all nespresso capsules 4. CE quality 5. Can be customized

Product Description


Automatic Coffee Capsule Packing Machine


Standard Functions?

1. capsule drop - 2. filling - 3.sealing - 4.outputting


Optional Functions:

1. Nitrogen flushing: to extend the shelflife

2. Glass cover: anti-rust

3. Conveyor: help final products output

4. Inkjet printing: print date clearly

(Also can add other functions.)



AnFPak automatic coffee capsule packing machine has wide applications: 

1. Packing materials:  Powder: Coffee, juice powder, etc.

2. Packing Container:plastic capsules, small cups,etc.



Model AF-P4 AF-P8 AF-P12 AF-P16
Capacity 700-1000 1500-2000 3000-4000 6000-8000
Suitable for Standard size of Nespresso, Kcup, Lvazza, etc. filling volume can be adjusted!
Sealing material plastic roll film and pre-cut aluminum lids(Recommend)
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3 phases (also can be customized!)
Power 2kw/h 2.5kw/h 4kw/h 7.5kw/h
Air pressure 0.6-0.95MPa
Air consumption 0.65m3/min 0.7m3/min 0.85m3/min 0.95m3/min
Dimension 3000*650*1700mm 3100*650*1700mm 3200*750*1700mm 3200*880*1700mm
Machine Weight 600Kg 650Kg 750Kg 950Kg


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Email me: info@anfpak.com

Skype: allenanf

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