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capsule blister packing machine

capsule blister packing machine

Product Abstract:

capsule blister packing machine is a device tailored to your needs, it can help you achieve fully automated operation, let you produce more efficient, better product quality.

Product Description


Intelligentize your factory


capsule blister packing machine

1. Omron PLC and touch screen control, servo motor traction film, traction length can be adjusted in the touch screen within the technical parameters, saving a lot of packaging materials and time

2. Host overload protection, PVC and PTP packaging material level detection, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic shutdown protection, high safety performance

3. The aluminum-aluminum special feeder is used to ensure smooth and uniform feeding, ensuring the safety and integrity of the articles.

4. Each station of the whole machine adopts quick-loading structure design, which is suitable for multi-variety production. It is more convenient and effective to change the mold (it takes only 30 minutes to change the mold to the official feeding production)

5. The special processing and assembly process ensures that the aluminum foil runs smoothly without deviation and jitter, which makes the graphic and text version more accurate and stable.

6. With waste automatic winding mechanism, waste is evenly collected, the finished product is orderedly output, and the output port has been installed and transported to provide the necessary conditions for subsequent equipment and production.

7. A machine can be used to produce aluminum-plastic or aluminum-aluminum varieties.

8. The whole machine adopts split connection design, which is convenient for transportation and access to elevators and workshops.

Production capacity 20-35 cycles per minute (4800-7200 pcs/hour)
Maximum forming depth 18 mm (can also custom deeper)
mold size 330*(120-140) mm
Power 380V/50HZ/8.5Kw
Pump fludity ≥0.2 m3/min
PVC hard pieces size (0.25-0.5)*260mm
Dialysis paper (50-100g) *260 mm
PTP aluminum foil (0.02-0.035) * 260 mm
Cooling system Condensed water (self-contained) or cold circulating water (optional)
Dimensions 4460*760*1620 mm
Machine weight 1850KGS


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