aluminum foil lid

aluminum foil lid

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    aluminum foil lid
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1-Material :PET6um/AL38um/CPP25um 2-Alloy: 8011 3-Thickness: 40micron 4-Diameters:37mm ,51MM round 5-Usage: coffee capsule lids

Product Description

aluminum foil lid

(Can be customized and printed as per customer's requirements.)


In term of sealing and the puncture/break through the aluminum lids for perfect penetration of the brew coffee.

1. The structure is AL36um/PP lacquer

2. Brew coffee ability is very good

3. Perfect sealing effect.

4. Environmentally lids


Aluminum lidding foils

Aluminum Alloy: 8011

Die cut sizes: as client's request

Printed: 1-8 colors

Foil thickness: 30-50 micron

Embossed aluminum foil lids are used for sealing PP, PS,PE cups.

1) PP Cup: Aluminum foil/PP film or coated with PP lacquer. PP lacquer a lot, because it is has good brew coffee effect.

2) PS Cup: Aluminum foil/PS  film or coated with PS lacquer.

3) PE Cup: Aluminum foil/PE film

4) PET Cup: Aluminum foil /PET film, all of this lids can be embossed and printed. as you request.

Some lids structure is three layers, PET6um/AL33-40um/PP35um; PET6um/AL33-40um/PS Lacquer; PET6um/AL33-40um/PE25um, PET this layer has functions as follows.

One is bright printing, the other is good strength.

Aluminum lidding foil for coffee, yogurt, cheese, juice, beverage cups

Properties: Meet with FDA or SGS requirements


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