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Beans tins cans filling seaming machine

Beans tins cans filling seaming machine

Product Abstract:

AF-TF1000B Beans tins cans filling seaming machine is specially designed for the popcorn or similar products filling and sealing. It is a full automatic machine, save cost and labor

Product Description

This machine can pack bellowing products:


Nuts tins cans filling seaming machine is a complete, economical solution to meet your filling production line requirements.

It can measuring and filling nuts, Rice, Coffee granules, snacks, beans, etc.

The special designed filling stations to keep high accuracy and stable filling.

The sealing of cans are beautiful and tight.

This Nuts tins cans filling sealing machine line include:

1. Auto weigher and filling device

2. Auto put lids and sealing machine


Optional functions:

1. Round table to sort the tins or cans

2. Vacuum sealing

3. Nitrogen flushing

4. Inline weight check

5. Inkjet printer

6. Labeling machine


The Feature:

1. Stainless steel structure; The quick disconnecting hopper could be washed easily without tools.

2. Fast, stable and high accuracy filling 

3. Include handwheel of adjustable height.

4. Reasonable cap feeding manner: Caps will be put under seaming head in advance then cans lift up and cap will be taken together to the seaming head-100% precise positioning can be assured.


The Parameters:

Production speed: 20-30tins/min 

Filling range: 100~500g

Filling speed: 10-30tins/min

Filling Accuracy: 100~500g <=±1.5

Sealing head: 1 head

Tins diameter: Φ50~126mm

Tins height: 100~240mm


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