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Nespresso capsule packaging machine

Nespresso capsule packaging machine

Product Abstract:

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Product Description

AF-B10 Nespresso capsule Packaging Machine

1. Nespresso capsule packaging machine running video:

2. AF-HB2 Nespresso coffee capsule filling sealing packaging machine:

AF-B10 Nespresso capsule packaging machine is the solution to pack 10 nespresso capsules into one box.

This is a full automatic line with incorporates a variety of sensors that allows it to detect and smartly decide how to respond to the presence or absence of cups, lboxes, position, etc.

Special designed conveying system, extremely smooth operation at all speeds. This machine can produce both Plastic and Aluminum nespresso capsules


Model: AF-B10

Suit for box size: L(110-160)*W(60-90)*H(15-35)

Box paper material: ≥300 g/m2 Foldable boxes

Output height: 800-850 mm

Machine speed: 15-70 boxes per min

Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3PH can be customized as per your local power

Machine size: L1700×W1120×H1600mm

Machine weight: 1000KGS

Note: This is a custom-build machine, so each machine specifications will have different



1. PLC automatic control, Can adjust the speed, Save labor

2. Can use for different sizes of boxes within a certain range

3. Touchscreen to run the machine, will show the working errors and solutions

4. No boxes, machine stop

5. All electronic and pneumatic component brands used in the construction of this machine are highest quality name brands globally known in the industry manufactured in countries such as USA, Japan, Germany and France.

6. Rugged constructed to guarantee a long service life.

7. Most of the body is built with stainless steel 304 and food grade stainless steel (SS304) is used for all parts in contact with products.

8. Machine is very easy to use and maintain.



☆ Automatic Sort the filled and sealed capsules
☆ Auto arrange 5*2 capsules and feed into empty boxes
☆ Open the boxes
☆ Fold the bottom of boxes
☆ Fill the capsules into the boxes
☆ Close the top of the boxes
☆ Output the finished capsules


Optional functions:

☆ Print the production date and lot on the boxes

☆ Use Hot glue to close the boxes


Machine pictures:



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