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Ice cream filling machine

Ice cream filling machine

Product Abstract:

Automatic ice cream filling machine 1. fully automatic, PLC control 2. multi functions: filling, sealing, nitrogen flushing, etc. 3. Compatible for all nespresso capsules 4. CE quality 5. Can be customized

Product Description


Automatic ICE CREAM Filling Machine

Ice cream filling machine is multifunctional filling equipment that can fill ice cream with multiple heads through intermittent rectilinear movement. It mainly produces cone ice cream, cup ice cream, garland and rotary ice cream, double color and triple color ice cream, jam ice cream, chocolate ice cream and plane cutting products.

Standard Functions?


Ice cream filling machine features:

1 Frequency-conversed ineffective timing,

2 The wide timing scope and the stable operation,


4 Suitable for the mass production in small to  large-scale fancy ice cream manufactures.


Output 1000-3000pcs (can be adjusted) each hour
Power 380/50 (can be adjusted) V/Hz
Air pressure 0.5 Mpa
Overall dimensions 2500x700x1900 mm
Weight 800 kgs




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